Yarn Inspired Set Design

I’m getting over a nasty bug so I didn’t accomplish too much last week. But, one thing I did accomplish was doing a little set designing for an event at work.
The event was an album presentation for the lovely Audrey Assad. {Her record, Heart, comes out on Feb. 14 and you should definitely go get it…sorry, shameless plug 😉 }I actually started working on some of the decorations for this event over Christmas break so I was excited to finally see how it would all come together.

When researching ideas for decorations, I came across these gorgeous yarn chandeliers.


Aren’t they so pretty?

I decided to attempt to make some myself to hang from stage. From there a ‘yarn’ theme emerged for the overall event.

Here’s what the stage ended up looking like when it was all said and done.

I think it ended up looking great! Just a few subtle and simple touches here and there. I’ll be posting a tutorial for the yarn chandeliers hopefully next week.

I hung them with fishing wire from the ceiling. Here’s an in progress shot.

And here’s a close up shot once they were hung right before the event.

Since the album title is Heart, I wrapped letters in yarn spelling out Heart and put them near the center of the stage.

I propped up some of the letters with books and included some balls of yarn in the vingnette. {The balls of yarn are actually some of the leftover balloons from the chandeliers just wrapped with yarn}.

Here’s a close up look of the left side of the stage.

And here’s a close up of the right side.

For the little side table chests in between the chairs, I had some leftover chandeliers that I didn’t really need to hang, so I just put them on and in front of the chests. I also wrapped the vases with yarn.

Here’s a final shot of the stage again.

Audrey hand drew out her lyrics from the album {which looked amazing by the way} and we put them together in a ‘book’ to give to everyone that came. To continue with the ‘yarn’ theme, we bound them all together with yarn.

I think it was a cute touch.

We usually always try to provide some sort of ‘treat.’ This adorable bakery in Nashville called Dozen-A Nashville Sweet Shop, made these cookies and wrote out ‘heart’ on each one.

I also wrapped a few more balloons in yarn and put them on the table with the food just to have a little table decor.

Overall, I think everything turned out great and Audrey did an amazing job! I always have fun coming up with ideas for these events and making it all happen. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

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    Oo this sounds like fun! Can you link up multiple projects? I have an actual tutorial for yarn wrapped letters for Valentine's Day and the actual tutorial for the yarn chandeliers. 🙂

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