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I love getting to know the people behind some of my favorite blogs. It helps to know who is sitting in front of the computer cranking out the posts and to know that they are ordinary people like myself.

I haven’t shared a lot about myself here, mainly because I want this blog to be a source of inspiration and diy projects first and foremost. But over this next year, I want to start sharing more about me, the person behind this blog. The blog world is a great source of community and the first step to creating that community is by getting to know each another.
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So today, I want to let you in on a little secret about myself…I used to think I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. No, really. The idea of having to come up with creative ideas used to make me shutter. ย I didn’t think I had any creative ideas to offer and even if I did have an idea, I was terrified to say it out loud in fear that someone would think it was silly. For years, I have completely doubted myself and my abilities.


Enter, the world of blogs.

I had heard about blogs for a few years, but I didn’t understand why someone would want to sit and read about someone else’s life on a daily basis. But finally, I took the plunge and started reading a few blogs that a friend of mine had recommended. These were more family oriented blogs, but still, after reading them on a consistent basis, I became hooked and felt like I was invested in their lives and wanted to keep up with them and their families.

Shortly thereafter, I came across my first home/diy blog, The Nesting Place. I think it was around Christmas time and The Nester was hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes. I probably clicked on every home that was linked up and was so inspired by all these creative women and their decorating abilities.

After discovering and following many more home decorating and diy blogs, it was then that I realized the value of inspiration. I would see so many amazing images, ideas and projects and my wheels immediately started to turn on all these things I wanted to create and make myself.ย I needed that starting point. I needed that image or idea to help me jumpstart my own ideas. It was then that I realized I didn’t always have to come up with an idea from thin air. There’s so much inspiration out there, it was just a matter of me finding it. After those first few projects, I came to realize that I am a creative person, despite what I had told myself all those years.


That’s one of the main reasons I started blogging. I truly believe that deep down, everyone is creative to some degree. It’s just a matter of unlocking that creativity. You may be saying right now, “Now Megan, you say that, but really, I’m not crafty or creative at all.” Yes You Are! You may just not know it yet ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s one thing if you don’t have any desire to create or design, but if you do, it’s only a matter of taking that first step into the creative world.

With the recent popularity of Pinterest, it seems that there is a diy/creative movement happening. So many people are getting inspired by what they see and recreating their own ‘Pinterest Projects,’ myself included. And I’m loving it! I love seeing people unlock their creativity. If you have a desire to create, Pinterest is a great source for inspiration and a great ‘jumping off’ point for ideas.


Creativity takes guts. You may fail and some may think your ideas or creations aren’t great, but, that’s not the point. The point is coming up with and creating something YOU love. It’s that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve envisioned something and were able to make it come to fruition.

I’m so glad I took the plunge into reading my first blog a few years ago. Because of it, I’ve discovered my passion to create. I have no idea what the future holds for me or where I’ll be years down the road, but what I do know is that God has given me the desire to make and create.My wish is that this blog always serves as a place of inspiration for you and helps you unlock that creative person that is deep down inside. I promise, it’s there! It’s only a matter of time…

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