12 Days of Christmas:: Uses For Leftover Tissue Paper & Wrapping Paper

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Christmas is officially over. I always get a little sad when it’s over. There’s so much anticipation and preparation leading up to it and then it goes by so fast. I hope you and your family had a special day yesterday filled with lots of love and laughter. If you’re like me you’re still in a food coma and possibly doing a little after Christmas shopping today.Even though Christmas is over, I have a few more installments of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ related to the after effects of Christmas. Part of the fun of opening presents on Christmas is ripping open the wrapping paper.  In our family, we usually end up with a pile of wrapping paper and a pile of tissue paper after everyone has opened their presents.Most people, including myself, end up throwing away all the paper. But, instead of throwing it all away, I thought I would do a little research to see what could be made from these usually discarded pieces of paper.

Let’s start with wrapping paper.

New Year’s Eve is coming up. Use some of that gold and silver wrapping paper to make party decorations.


Or frame some of the pretty paper in frames and use as wall art.


How gorgeous is this bulletin board wrapped in wrapping paper? Another resourceful use.


Some people re-use their tissue paper year after year for gifts. That’s one option for re-using. If you would rather use fresh tissue for your presents and normally just toss the tissue paper from Christmas day, here are some cute decorative uses for tissue paper.

The most used tissue paper colors are generally red, green and white. Now of course you don’t want to decorate with those three colors if you want to keep it up year round. Just use one of those colors and incorporate other colors to make some tissue pom pom wall art. Love how it adds a lot of dimension.

{Source}Believe it or not, these little buds are made from tissue paper. Use all that red or white tissue paper that is leftover and add to a few branches to make a cute centerpiece.
{Source}I’m sure you’ve seen these tissue paper pom poms. Such a cute idea for party decorations and a great way to re-use tissue paper.

I’m holding onto some of the cute paper from my presents this year in hopes to re-use it in some way.

I think my family and I are planning to get out today to do a little shopping. Hoping to snag some Christmas stuff on super sale to use next year. I’m on the hunt for some more neutral themed decor. Hopefully everything isn’t picked over by now!

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