12 Days of Christmas:: Ornaments

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I’m one of those people that like to have a theme with my Christmas decor. It all starts with the tree. The color scheme used for the tree will influence the style for the remainder of the decor.A few years ago I decided I wanted my tree decor to be gold, brown and red. I’ve stuck to that color scheme for the last few years. Lately though, I’ve been itching to change it up and have been leaning towards a more natural/rustic look. The problem is, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on changing out all of my Christmas decorations this year.So, to kick of the 12 Days of Christmas, I have some great handmade ornament ideas to easily change our your decorations on a budget.Do you already have a lot of the ball shaped ornaments as part of your tree decor? Instead of tossing them, wrap them in the fabric of your choice and add some embellishments with ribbon and holly leaves.

12 Days of Christmas-Ornaments


Miss Mustard Seed has several fabulous handmade ornament ideas. You can take a plain clear glass ball ornament and either fill it with vintage book paper shreds or sheet music shreds. You can also add a little glitter design on the outside as an alternative.
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I also love her sheet music pinwheel ornaments. Great option for a more neutral color scheme.

12 Days of Christmas: Ornaments


If you like the natural/rustic look, these acorn cap ball ornaments are perfect.

12 Days of Christmas: Ornaments


If you don’t consider yourself super crafty, there is an alternative. These photo ornaments are super easy and add a great personal touch to your Christmas tree.

12 Days of Christmas: Ornaments


Remember when I made those rosette headbands and rosette rings? You can turn fabric rosettes into Christmas ornaments. Just add some ribbon for hanging and any additional embellishments you wish.

12 Days of Christmas: Ornaments


There are a lot of great handmade ornament ideas out there. I’ll probably stick to my current Christmas decorations this year, but might start the process of getting new Christmas decorations the day after Christmas when everything is on sale πŸ™‚

Do you have a color scheme for your Christmas decor?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, Megan! Super looking ornaments! They're beautiful! πŸ™‚

    As a matter of fact, after years of just running out and buying this and that cheap ornaments, as well as letting the grandkids choose them, then once Christmas is over, hating the ornaments, and then throwing them out, only to have to turn around the next year and buy more, my daughter and I finally sat down right after Thanksgiving and planned a theme for our decor.

    Wanting to get away from the dollar store look as well as the bright colors and bling, we settled on an Old World-type look and muted natural colors- browns, deep reds, bronze, copper, holly green. And we don't know what happened, but as we shopped various stores, everything just seemed to come together. yay…clap clap clap clap clap clap…

    We found treasures, we caught sales and we are sooooooo happy and excited. We know that we will keep our ornaments for years to come and have even already bought a cool storage case that's see-thru, stackable, and has a handle to carry. Wheeee!

    But now we need a new tree to go with our fantastic ornaments. lol We zig zag back and forth between real and artificial, always getting rid of the artificial ones as well. This year we want the Jaclyn Smith cashmere trees, but every single store is out of them, already- so we wait with baited breaths for the next shipments and hope we luck up. hahaha

    My daughter and I also wnated to add some homemade ornaments, too, but that may have to be started after the new year so we'll have them for next year. πŸ™‚

    Joy and Peace.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Megan…Just an update…We got our tree…We got our tree…It's up and decorated and beautiful…Ooooooh…Ahhhhhh…Kodak moment… lol

    Wishing you and your family warm and wonderful holidays!


  3. says

    I love the Old World look you settled on! I would love to see pictures!

    I'm like you, in years past, I would buy whatever I could find to decorate and then ended up hating it. Planning ahead, like you did after Thanksgiving is a great idea πŸ™‚ Hope you and your family have a happy holiday as well!

  4. Christy Panzarella says

    Im doing my FIRST christmas tree this year. My daughter is 2, and I think old enouhg to appreciate it. Im making all the ornamanets to keep within budget, but going for a rustic/french country look. I figure salt dough, cinnamon dough stamped, jigsaw puzzle piece snowflake. I quess my question … since ur going rustic … what are you using for garland?

    • says

      Salt dough ornaments sound like a great idea! Super cute! Last year after Christmas I bought burlap ribbon on sale. So the plan is to use that for my garland on my tree this year!

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