Wednesday Inspiration:: Blue Mason Jars

I went thrifting/antiquing this past weekend with a friend. We visited several Goodwill stores and also some really cute antique stores we hadn’t been to before.

One of the places we went to was the Arbor Antique Mall in Franklin, TN. I typically don’t love antique stores. Most of the ones I’ve been to in the past don’t have a lot of neat stuff. Usually it’s really expensive heirlooms or collectibles. But, I was pleasantly surprised by all the really neat things that this antique shop in Franklin had. They had old typewriters, suitcases, crates, books, etc.

They also had blue Ball mason jars! I’ve yet to find any blue mason jars around town. The only place I could ever really find some are on Etsy and they are usually expensive.
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I only bought two, but now I know where I can go back to get more πŸ™‚ I haven’t decided what I want to do with them yet, but found a few cute ideas online.

Use them for some cute lighting

mason jar lighting


For organization

mason jar organization

Soap dispenser

mason jar dispenser
Do you have any blue mason jars? How do you display yours?
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    I managed to find 3 at an antique barn in Canada which was so lucky (the blue ones were from the US – Canadian ones were clear). I've simply lined them up on a window sill as is and love the sun just shining through them πŸ™‚

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