A New Adventure…

Well friends, I have finally decided to join the blogging world! I’m always late to the game when it comes to social networking (I only recently joined twitter), but better late than never, right?!
About 8 months ago, I decided to open an Etsy shop, Megan Brooke Handmade. This opened the flood gates on my creative juices and I’ve now become addicted to working on craft/diy projects and most recently photography.
Through this blog I hope to share things that inspire me and hopefully will inspire you, all the projects I’m working on, showcase new shop items, and also a little photography along the way.
I’m hoping to update on a regular basis, although I haven’t decided exactly how often (partially because my perfectionist self is afraid of setting a goal and then failing if I don’t hold to it). I know, I need counseling 😉 But here’s to a new adventure and hopefully making new friends along the way!
With Love,
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